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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exploratorium & One of Swords

Sorry for the late post.... first, I was interviewed by One of Swords (about 24 mins in). And I'll be at the Exploratorium this Saturday:

The Exploratorium will be displaying many of my steam creations, as well as the electric critters. I will also be bringing some prototype skylander toys, and some really early hand sculpts, molds, casts etc. I will try to bring all of the Skylanders, including yet to be released if people wanted to see what they will look like :) I'll probably be there most of the day, the interview is between 1pm-2pm.

1 comment:

  1. Great interview!! My son, daughter, and I say "Thank You!" for making Skylanders awesome!

    Together with my children, we came up with a few toy ideas and DLC that we think would be great for Skylanders or Skylanders 2:

    1.) Master Eon "physical form" figure with blue portal sensor base (instead of green).

    Benefit: Master Eon adds 60 seconds of invincibility, as an item would, for Skylanders on the portal of power!

    2.) Kaos figure with red portal sensor base (instead of green).

    Benefit: Kaos adds 25% power (60 seconds as an item would) and offers a dark minion skin for whichever Skylander is on the portal of power!

    3.) Downloadable Content: Premium Themes for Xbox and PS3! Skylander "Pets" for our Xbox Avatars! Gamer Pics or Avatars! Let us make our dashboards into Skylands!

    Thank you again!!

    Brian Bushong