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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Skylanders Chompy Animated GIF

Playing around with FlipaClip on the Note 2 and Note 10.1. FlipaClip is a great 2D animation tool. I've tried a bunch of flip book/traditional animation sketching apps on the ipad/android, and this one really shines. I love the ability to scrub through frames, and the support for the Note's S-Pen pressure sensitive stylus. It is very simple though, and in my opinion, all it needs are a few thingsto make it into a serious 2D animation tool for animators. It needs layers, sound support, and ability to more easily move/copy/paste frames. The onion skinning is really great, only wish that it supports more than just one previous frame. I also really wished that it had the ability to export animated Gifs. I had used iMovie and GIF Brewery on the Mac, to make these GIF Chompies. Don't get me  wrong though, FlipaClip is amazing, and you can't complain when it's FREE. I would gladly pay handsomely for a Pro version with the above functions! The fact that there is a mobile device and app, that allows you to quickly jot down animation ideas, is priceless. I did this while waiting for my car at the shop, with the Note 10.1 tablet!

Below are the Chompy animated GIF's in 3 different sizes. I've got a soft spot for the Chompies, they were one of the first characters that I designed for Skylanders, and helped define the entire character style of Skylanders. Right click to save and use for your email signatures, postings etc. Enjoy!

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  1. Awesome! Chompies are fantastic! There are a few dogs at a condo in our complex who sound just like them and I have to smile every time we hear them. =)