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Friday, October 19, 2012

GeekDad's Toys for Bob Interviews

Here are some great videos, and a really nice write up review on GeekDad. It's really great to show off the studio and who we are at Toys for Bob. Thanks to Andy for covering us from a personal level:
Skylanders Giants is much better than it might have been. Toys for Bob has returned with innovations, new characters and fresh gameplay. Being able to use your old characters, the toned-down approach to in-game advertising,and the light-up figures make this a great family game.
That much you may glean elsewhere, but what I want to highlight here is that this is a game and toy range from a set of artisans rather than a corporate committee. The care and attention of these individuals makes me happier for my children to spend time playing — not least because this has resulted in a whole range of imaginative play both in the game and in the real world.

Robert talking about the magic of tech, or is it the tech of magic?

Me talking about characters and toys:

Paul and animation:

 Jeff looking at the camera:

Dan's talk about sound:

Paul talking about the game

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