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Monday, December 12, 2011

Skylanders on SketchBook News

I'm on SketchBook news, showing some Skylanders concept art and prototype toys!


  1. I-Wei! great work man! Hope you still remember me from the autodesk show! my girlfriend's little cousin's are addicted to skylanders. It's a great bribing tactic to get them to behave. thanks for making that inkling review, i think i'll save up for a 24 inch cintiq instead though! Hope all is well and Take care man.

    1. Hey angelo, yes of course I remember you :) Glad to hear your family members are into skylanders! And yeah, the big cintiq is amazing, but rather pricy. I am spoiled by the 21" at work. I used to use a 12" cintiq at home, but now have a samsung tablet pc slate at about the same size screen, but a fully portable tablet with wacom built in. I'll do a review of it soon :) it's half the cost of a 21" cintiq.