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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wacom Inkling, you had me at ink

I've been a digital artist for a long time now, and when it comes to tablets, wacom is the tool of choice. I use a Cintiq daily for work, as well as having one for home, it's a tool that I can't live without. But nothing prepared me for what Wacom announced today. The Wacom Inkling is a nice balance of traditional media mixed with digital, a perfect companion to your real sketchbook! Wacom's stylus pressure sensitivity technology is flawless, so I have no doubts that the pressure in this Inkling will feel natural. I just hope that this new way of sensing location is accurate enough. 

The last few videos here show the layering and playback functions. It can export to my favorite art tool - sketchbook pro!:


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