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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My first iPad painting

iPad freaking rocks. It's so nice to have a big screen to paint on, instead of the iPhone. This is not only a great everyday web and game machine for me, but a great art tool. This was done with Brushes, I also will be trying the iPad out with Sketchbook soon. With every new device or software, it always takes me a few art pieces before i get into the groove of it. Sketchbook pro for the pc is what I use at work everyday, and the iPad version has a lot of the same function, much more than the iPhone version has..... More to come soon!

-- Post From My iPad

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  1. its really good i just have an off topic question about the the fishbot thing. Could you do a how to video for it? I really want to use the machanics for an experiment. Please!