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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Micro R/C Moon Buggy

I'm still playing around with the Losi Micro Crawler, this thing is just way too much fun. In this latest mod, I've decided to turn it into a Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), or Moon Buggy.

I used the Micro Crawler as a base, everything's stock except I've added BWD wheel weights, and shorter micro-t springs for the shocks. The Astronaut and buggy came from a toy from "Space Voyagers" and hacked into pieces. The scale isn't quite right, the buggy would have been larger, the build would have looked better if the astronaut was smaller. but it was the best that I could find, and the wheel covers were perfect for these tires. I had to shave the legs off the poor guy a bit, so that they could fold in more, and fit inside the chassis, in order for it to fit the stock chassis. I probably should have just stretched the chassis, but was too lazy :)

I used some Tamiya acrylic paint for wipe-offs and dry-brush. Added some grit, and detail. It turned out ok, helped it look and feel more realistic. I also painted over the gold areas with some hobby gold paint, the gold that came with the toy were not consistent, and looked too fake, and gold plated like.

The result was a super compact LRV, which is much heavier than the stock Micro Crawler. The stock motor seems to hold up ok with the added weight, and although it's rather top heavy compared to the original, it can still climb well. It was a blast to build, and very fun to drive and explore.


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