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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Popular Mechanics: Backyard Genius Awards Swashbot!

I just picked up the September 2009 issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine. And guess who's in it? Yeah my heroes, Jamie and Adam of the MythBusters.

And look! my Swashbot!
It's an honor to be in the Popular Mechanics Backyard Genius awards. I'm not sure about the "genius" part in my case, but at least I'm smart enough to not complain about a flattering title lol. Every year 10 folks are choosen, and I slipped in this year! Woohoo!

Also featured in Backyard Genius, are 2 especially cool bot builders that I really admire... Christian Ristow's Car-Crushing Mechanical Claw, which stole the show at the last MAKER Faire, and my friend Matt Denton's Walking Robot Router.

update: You can now see the article online

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