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Monday, August 10, 2009

MAKE Magazine: Bot State of the Art - Swashbot 3!

So much magazine coverage lately! first Popular Science, then Popular Mechanics, and now the latest & another one of my favorite magazines, MAKE! The current issue is all about robots, and the "Bot State of the Art" article featured Swashbot3 :) You can read the article here. It's an honor to be in MAKE Magazine again, but to be featured along with other really amazing robots and builders that I admire, is quite an honor. Thanks Gareth Branwyn of Street Tech, for including me in this special issue.

After reading the article, I hope that I didn't sound like a arrogant bot builder. I was trying to emphasize the importance of "character" in robotics, and mentioned winning several RoboGames medals, but I think I may have come across being just a tad too braggy and self important lol.

These last batch of magazines are all super high profile, and are magazines that I read and subscribe to, so that's doubly cool! And Best of all, they all cover my electric critters (Crabfu MotionWorks), rather than the usual steam variety (Crabfu SteamWorks). It's nice to see the little guys gets a some attention as well as the elaborate steam brothers.

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