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Monday, September 7, 2015

Sketchbook Pro 7 Animations

I finally got around to testing out the new Flipbook Animation feature on Sketchbook Pro 7. It's amazing to use my favorite drawing tool to animate! Currently, it is very basic and limited, but enough to do roughs and cycles like these. I used to be a 3D Animator, but I've never actually done any 2D animation. Years ago, I transitioned into Concept Art, and have been putting in a lot of sketching miles over the years, so it is great to be able to put these two passions together. And boy, is it harder than it looks.... much more studies and practice needed! I sure hope that Autodesk continue to support this feature, and turn it into a full animation program.

Animated with Sketchbook Pro 7, and Cintiq Companion 1, with Muybridge reference.

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