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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On National Geographic Kids Book

My Hamster Powered Walker is in the new National Geographic Kids; 125 True Stories of Amazing Pets! Glad to see my nieces Gracie and Daisy got quoted! You can get a copy from Amazon

It reads:

Princess the Hamster Robot Pilot
Dixon, California, U.S.A.

Who puts the “ham” in “ham-bot?” Princess the hamster! When animator and robot-maker I-Wei Huang engineered a machine to be powered by a hamster, he asked his nieces Gracie and Daisy Ballance if their pint-sized pet could serve as a test pilot. “Our uncle made this crazy hamster-ball walking thing,” says Gracie. Turns out Princess was the perfect furball to power it up. “She got in the ball and ran super-fast,” says Daisy. Princess was a pro right from the start, super-charging the robotic walker with every paw-pounding plastic twirl. Go, Princess, go! At one point, she ran so fast, she almost powered the robot right off the table.

On the same page as Panda Cow!

The Original Hamster Powered Walker post, and original video below. Princess is also still being aired on TV, on Outrageous Acts of Science (Science Channel).

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