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Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby Sketch with Wacom Creative Stylus + iPad Air + Sketchbook

Another baby sketch.... sorry!

This time I'm giving the iPad air with Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus a proper test drive. I'm using Sketchbook Pro, which works wonderfully with the Wacom. I'll try and do a proper review on this combo when I find some time, but initial results are pretty good! The WICS does require a little more pressure on the low levels on the Air, as compared to older iPads, which is a shame. But it's only for the extreme low end pressure, it still feels amazing. More on that later...


  1. Seems that you`ve improved since your last baby sketch! great job.
    By the way, wanted to ask you if you are going to try the new galaxy note 3 sometime, i liked your previous videos where you showed your working mediums and gave pretty useful tips!

    1. Thanks! The other baby sketch was a rough painting on a tablet PC. This one is a tight drawing, because I wanted to test out how accurately I can get with the wacom/ipad combo. Sorry but I don't have the Note3, and probably won't be getting one.

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  3. Hi man, i like your work, i think it very inspiring for me.

    I watched your reviews and I became interested in working with tablets by their mobility and everything. I'm a brazilian illustrator and I apologize to you for my english.

    If you can give your opinion, what is the best set should I buy?

    -Samsumg Note 10.1(2014 version)

    -Ipad Retine or Ipad Air, I know that these cases need to buy a pen, but then I find myself in another question: Adonit Jot Touch 4.0 or Wacom Intuos Stylus Creative is the best? (both with your mod or not)

    As for software,I see very well spoken Procraete, but it is only for Ipad, you recommend any others?

    Today I paint / draw on a PC with a Intuos 4 and Photoshop. I've had contact with Tablets (Ipad, Samsung) to test questions and enjoyed, but I painting only with Bamboo Stylus.

    I would like to buy to make the best possible (technically) the best possible work together. I will not worry about it with prices, and are similar here (In Brazil).

    If you prefer to respond by email:

    Thank you for your attention and for all the work you put into your blog.

    1. It sounds like you want the best art tool. I'd recommend a Wacom Cintiq (Cintiq Companion if you want to be portable). Software I'd recommend Sketchbook Pro, or Painter Lite for basic sketching and painting. The Note and ipad/creative stylus are all great tools, and I've seen amazing art done by those tools, but it sounds like you are more asking for the best without worrying about price. My most favorite digital drawing tools are my Cintiq Companion (I hope to find time to do a review on that soon) which I use at home, and Cintiq 24HD which I use at work.

    2. Sorry, actually meant not care about the prices of these tablets (Ipad's and Samsumg Note), sorry for expressing myself poorly.
      The Cintiq is my sweet spot, but unfortunately (even Cintiq Companion too) is out of my budget right now.
      I would actually have the mobility of the Cintiq Companion, but with a cost in the range of these tablets (Ipad Air, Samsumg Note), even though it would not have the performance of a Cintiq, but I can not know which tablet or set (iPad + Pen ) would be the best to buy.

      The Cintiqs in Brazil are very expensive around R $ 7,000.00 to $ 10,000.00 (U.S. $ 1.00 = $ 2.27).

      Again sorry for taking your time, if you can help me in this decision I am very grateful.

      Thank you.

    3. I see. I prefer ipad as an everyday tablet, and with the creative stylus because I like the OS and the tablet. But Note is not far behind as a general tablet. But for art, Note is probably better, you'll have better accuracy, and a bit less sensitivity (1024 on Note vs. 2048 Creative stylus). I think for most people, accuracy is probably more important then the difference between 1024 levels and 2048 levels. I really care about pressure levels, more than other artists.... but having a fine tip is also really important, especially if you want to do tight line work. Note will be cheaper.... probably in your country too. You can probably pick up the original Note 10.1 for really cheap now. Or get a note 8 if you want small, or note 12 if you want big. My vote is for Note..... even though mine main tablet is a ipad/creative stylus, I think if you want it mostly for art, Note is really a great way to go.

      As far as apps, I use sketchbook and procreate on ios mostly. On android I've really just stuck to sketchbook. I've tried many apps out there for art, and just haven't found more that I liked better.

    4. I understand, I'll see that possibility. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with me, this will help a lot in my decision.

      Thank you and success in your amazing work.