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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Urban Armor Gear for the Note II

My friends at Urban Armor Gear sent me these awesome cases for my favorite gadget, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The design is really cool, and fits perfect. Holes for all ports are well positioned, no problem inserting power, headphone, and s-pen. The side buttons functions smoothly, and easy to use. The case is extremely well protected on all areas. The case comes with a screen protector, but I've never been a fan of screen protectors, so opted to leave it out. The back has ventilation holes where you can insert different color cards. I love the orange touch. Or you can leave it open for even more ventilation.

Overall the design is awesome, I love the look and feel. This is not a cheap case, and it shows. The extra thickness actually helps the grip and feels like a heavy duty tactical equipment in your hand. If you don't mind added bulk and weight, these are amazing cases. They provide over the top protection, and the quality is nothing short of perfection, as you'd expect from UAG.

Urban Armor Gear Note 2 Navigator (White)
Urban Armor Gear Note 2 Scout (Black)

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