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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Artist Tips & Tricks for Note 10.1 & Note 2

In my recent posts about the Galaxy Note 2 and 10.1 as art tools, I've gotten some viewer feedback, with some amazing tips and tricks. I've decided to put them in one place to share:

1) S-Pen tuning: Yes, you can adjust sensitivity levels with a simple tiny flat head screwdriver.

2) Up the max res in Sketchbook Pro / Sketchbook Mobile, on the Android: Need Sketchbook Pro on the PC/Mac, and connect via USB, or use DropSync app

3) Warped lines: Magnetic cases the culprit?

4) Video screen recording: ASC app, no root required. Follow the benzul site for instructions, need to install on the PC. Speed up on PC to make speed paintings.

Related: previously posted about S-Pen mods, for a more comfortable grip.


  1. Thanks so much for this video. Great tips for using the Galaxy Note(s). I find it surprising that you prefer to draw on the smaller Note 2 vs. the Note 10.1. Rumor has it Samsung will release an 8 inch version of the Note soon.

    I look forward to seeing more vids and or info on how you use the Notes.

    1. They say that the best camera is the one that you have with you. That's why I like the note 2.... but for more serious sketching, obviously 10.1 is better with more screen real estate :) and for heavy duty stuff I still prefer cintiq. I've just been dreaming of a true portable digital sketching device for over a decade, and note2 is exactly my dream device and more :) Note 8 looks cool, and would be a great device to merge the 2 devices, but the note2 already barely fits my pocket, so I don't think I'd get the 8.

  2. Hi there, Thanks for your vids, they're great. I'm very surprised at the lack of people using the note 2 as an art device...
    I don't suppose you have a step by step guide for the max res part of your video. I have Sketchbook pro, Drop Box and drop sync, but can't work out if I'm supposed to export or save or what?... what ever it is I am doing does not seem to work.
    Also my S pen on the note 2 does not look like yours once the button has been removed and I cannot see a way of turning the round thingy.
    You help would be sooo appreciated at this time. :)

    1. You don't have to use dropbox/dropsync, it's harder to set up but makes it easier once done. Here is the easier way to bypass:
      1) start a new canvas on the phone, write something on it like "blank" so that it's easy to tell apart from other files
      2) connect it to pc via usb. Browse the device and go to "sketchbookmobile" and copy the latest file to your computer
      3) open that file on sketchbook pro on pc, and change the resolution to something bigger, like 2x etc. Write something on it like "high res". Save the file.
      4) now copy that file back to where it was on the phone, overwriting it. It is important that you overwrite with the same file name
      5) now open the file in sketchbook on the phone, the thumbnail will show the old "blank" file, but when you open it, it should say "high res". This is because the way that sketchbook creates the thumbnails, it has to create it from the phone and does not refresh when you do this hack.
      6) once you confirm that it is the "high res" canvas, you can write or do whatever you like, save as new file and it should update your thumnail.

      Dropsync just makes it so that you don't have to copy via usb, but syncs automatically between pc and the phone. But once you do this via usb once, then you'll have a high res file that you can always start with. OR.... you can just wait for the next sketchbook mobile update, rumor has it that it will support higher res. Not sure when, or how high the res though. Hope that helps :)

    2. Also, I've heard from someone else about not having anything to turn to tune the s pen. I tried to help but did not get a response back. Anyway, are you sure there isn't a screw? it's TINY, even screw drivers for glasses are too big to turn it. It's flat head but really small. It's possible that some may not have anyway to tune it, changed in manufacturing or something - some wacom pens have no tuning abilities and some has. But I've got total of 4 s pens, 2 for the note2 and 2 for 10.1, and all of them have the screw.

    3. THANKS SO MUCH! Works like a charm... Now all I need is to get a spare pen and hope the bit inside is able to turn. Do you use the Samsung or Play Store version? Don't know if you're aware of this, I had already bought the play store version but later discovered only the Samsung store version has the eye dropper tool attached to button press on the s pen (I use this a lot so as to blend colours). So I bought both versions of course. Problem is the updated version on play store has 12 layers whereas the Samsung version still only has 6!? I’ve also seen several videos of people claiming to be using Sketchbook Pro on the note 2 yet no mention of how this is possible. Layer Paint has a floating tool bar and Eye drop tool and is free… If you haven’t already perhaps you should try that out too. Thanks again for your help, hope to see more of your Video’s soon :)

  3. I just received my Note 10.1 2014. Great tool for drawing and reading. I was wondering if you know a way to prevent the tip of the s-pen to move towards the interior of the pen every time I touch the screen with it. That shrinking movement makes drawing very odd for me because I lose control when I'm drawing.