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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jot Touch Review and Mod

Here is my review of the Adonit Jot touch:

Jot Touch with cap and USB charger:

Top: stock tip. Bottom: modified bent tip

New modified tip allows for extreme angles:

Sketch examples using Jot Touch with a New iPad (iPad 3) 



My Procreate pencil settings, for Jot Touch:

-Great design and build quality
-Great pressure sensitive solution for the iPad
-Works well with ArtRage and Procreate
-Easy Bluetooth pairing
-Long battery life
-2 function buttons, great for future app support
-Great see through tip disc, for detailed line work
-Comes with cool USB charger with magnet attachment
-Comes with extra tip and disc.

-Only works well with Procreate and ArtRage, as of early Aug '12. Some other supported apps have various issues. This should be all resolved with future app updates.
-Nothing really works for the iPhone :(
-iPad 1 is not supported.
-Pressure sensitivity is low, feels like tablet PC's. Not the pressure levels like the newer Wacom tablets and Cintiq.
-Tilt angle is not enough, often miss lines when too angled. Solved by modifying the tip!
-At $100, it is a bit steep. Understandably so, but not for everyone. 

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  1. Way, way, too many cons. I use an ASUS EP121 with WACOM, and it totally blows away the iPad in every category except slimness and weight...but even then it is way slimmer and lighter than a convertible notebook/slate, and not at all bulky.

    1. I have the Samsung series 7 slate, which is comparable to the Asus. It's a really nice portable art machine, but not as good as a Cintiq because of the lack of levels of pressure on tablet pcs - couple of hundred vs couple of thousand. I wanted the Samsung slate to be my main computer, but in the end the iPad won out for me, purely because how easy iOS is compare to windows tablet pc, especially for touch interface. iPad is no where near as powerful, but I still prefer it for everyday stuff, and the biggest thing lacking for me is the pressure sensitive stylus. So this combo works for me for doodles and quick sketching. If I need to, I take it to Cintiq to finish up, but I am finding myself bypassing the Samsung... If you are purely comparing this as an art machine, I would agree that tablet pcs are better and more powerful, less lag, programs are more flexible etc. But if you are comparing it for serious work, Cintiq wins out both. If you comparing it as everyday device, and can do some simple sketching on, I like this combo.

  2. No iPad 1 support? Drat. Oh, well. My loss!

  3. awesome review. as someone who does a lot of sketches on the ipad, the jot touch and procreate have really been a good combo for me. i primarily was an artstudio user, but with the jot touch, less lag really is the biggest factor for me, and procreate is the best at that.

    thanks for posting your brush settings too. i'm constantly tweaking with that to find something i like.

  4. Got my Jot Touch today. Even though it was expensive, I must say that am really happy with the product and would recommend it for those with the money to spare.

  5. Thanks for putting together this comprehensive review. As someone who is interested in helping out fellow aspiring designers/sketchers this will hopefully be as helpful to them as it was me. Keep up the inspiring work!

  6. Great outline. I got mine today. I have to say that I'm not getting anywhere near the kind of variation you are getting in sensitivity, even having gone through your brush settings.

  7. does this work for android tablets? i have a Sony Tab, any idea?

    1. I don't believe so, and also apps would have to support it.

  8. Thank you very much for this review, however I still have two questions ;)

    1 - Does that damages the screen of the iPad (scratches) or do you use some kind od screen protector ?
    2 - The lag you mention and which is visible, is that any better on iPad 4 (the retina model ) ? ?

    Many thanks for this review
    Too bad they do not sell the modded tip (did you show them ? ))

    1. 1 I don't use screen protectors, and I can only speak for myself... I did not scratch my screen.

      2 it was done on ipad 4

      And yes I did show them the video, they were very interested

  9. IS Adonit going to make a bent tip version based on your modification? That would be a brilliant innovation!

    1. I don't know if they will. I have shown them the bent tip and they were really interested.