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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Titanoboa, 50ft Electromechanical Snake

My friend Leigh Christie is at it again. A few years ago, he and his team built the Mondo Spider, based off of the Mechanical Spider linkage design. It was about the coolest thing ever, amazing feat of both engineering and art. So what does one do after building a personal, rideable, giant spider mech? A giant robotic snake of course! This 50 foot monster, appropriately named Titanoboa, is a thing of beauty. Check out the video of the Titanoboa and Mondo Spider in action:

For more information about Titanboa, check out:
And more about the Mondo Spider: and Joe Klann's Mechanical Spider mechanism:

Me and the boy on the Mondo Spider at the 2010 Maker Faire:

"To be clear, Leigh Christie is one of the founders of the eatART lab and the Mondo Spider. Charlie Brinson is the principal artist behind Titanoboa,  and his team credits can be seen here."

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