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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Art rage for the iPad

ArtRage the iPad, another must have painting tool for the iPad. I love the oils and watercolor, the look and feel is the most realistic of the iPad apps. The interface is nice and simple. Big watercolor brushes tends to bog down a lag a bit, but well worth it for the natural look.

This is a painting that I painted tonight with pencil and watercolor on ArtRage. Doing this made me realize how much I miss doing traditional watercolor.... Maybe it's time to break out the old paints :)

ArtRage for the iPad: http://www.artrage.com/artrage-ipad-main.html


  1. REALLY impressive drawing.

    I was on the fence about this app.... did you use a stylus?

  2. Thanks, yeah it's a nice tool! And yes, I used my stylus.

  3. Do you have a stylus to recommend?

  4. Yup :) http://crabfuartworks.blogspot.com/2010/05/ultimate-ipad-stylus.html

  5. This one:


    ...is getting really high marks.

  6. So I plunked down the $15 and bought a stylus (Cost savings simply didn't merit free time needed to acquire parts and craft my own stylus).

    A stylus IS, no doubt, a must though.

    Here's a few efforts. Let me know what you think!