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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Modern Marvels - Super Steam

For those of you interested in seeing me make a fool out of myself on tv... I'll be on Modern Marvels tonight on the History Channel! This was filmed almost 2 years ago, but finally getting aired. I don't remember much of what I said or did, but I do remember that one of the machines had boiler issues and would not run well. So hopefully they cut that part out :) The episode is called "Super Steam"

Super Steam

Premiere Date: 05/27/2010
It's full steam ahead when we drop in at Jay Leno's garage as Jay fires up two of his classic steam cars and takes viewers for a couple of rides. Jay also shows off his 11-ton steam engine built in 1860, back when pigs had to be slaughtered to keep it lubricated. In northern Nevada, fire up a coal burning boiler and get a 100-year-old steam locomotive chugging across the rugged landscape. In New Orleans, board an authentic paddlewheel steamboat. Trek to the Southern California desert where geothermal steam rushes up from the ground and drives electricity producing turbines, powering over 300,000 homes. In New York City, find out why manmade steam surges into some of the world's most famous skyscrapers. Steam clean some very dirty machines, and do a little laundry, too. And ride a steam-driven carousel and play with some strange, steam-powered robots that are part of a movement called--what else--"steampunk."


  1. Robert BrackenridgeMay 28, 2010 at 11:17 AM

    Saw the show and enjoyed seeing your models. Just discovering the world of steam myself. I also saw that you are in the game industry. That is where I am looking into steampunk for concept art ideas. Looking to build some new characters for our storyline.

  2. that was you! i just watched that eps, i am a huge steampunk fan and i had to watch this eps and I was realy happy to see they did a part on steampunks. i am amazed at your steambots.