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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Magazine Coverage

Here are the magazine / newspaper coverage of my tinkerings over the past few years. I've been meaning to gather up the printed coverage for a while now, and finally got around to doing so today. I also wanted to wait until all of them were out of print before showing them. It's quite impressive when you put them all in one place, but they happened slowly over time. I'm very honored to have been in some of my personal favorite printed magazines, even ended up on a cover! It's all still very surreal to me.

Click on the picture to see the magazines


  1. Hey crabfu, I first came across you steamworks, then I saw your stuff in robot mag... Now I see you also do mobile art... I'm new to blogspot, but I'm loving your range of skills! My blog is mainly mobile art, but trust me, I've seen you round the net long before I first started finger painting. Keep up the inspiring work. If you have time, come visit my blog.

  2. Thanks man, and great stuff you got there as well!