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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Doki Doki Universe

Before my life of Skylanders began, I worked at HumaNature Studios, along with my wife and a bunch of really cool people. Doki Doki Universe is an amazing little game, and I am so glad to see that it's finally out. The project has gone through many iterations, and evolved a lot since my involvement with it. It's a bizarre and quirky world to explore, and fun to play with the family. My son loves figuring out how to help every character, and I love the fun little personality tests.

This game is especially dear to my heart, not only because it is such a different "game" than anything else out there, but it's extra special to me because of where it originated from. The style grew out of stick figures that I would draw on little cards for my wife..... yeah gross. When my friend/boss Greg Johnson saw these little whimsical stick figures of us, he thought that it would make a cool world to play in. This was many years ago, and it eventually became what it is today - a heart warming world to explore, and what you choose to do in this universe, will tell you a little about yourself. Check it out on PS3, PS4, Vita :)

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