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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

YouTube, don't take it for granted!

Today marks the 4th year I've been on YouTube. YouTube, in many ways, has changed my life. Before YouTube, I had to provide many versions of each video for download. People were having a hard time with certain codecs, and I had to supply many formats. My bandwidth was killing me, at times shutting down my site due to the traffic. So when YouTube came along, It was unbelievable that it was a free service, and so easy to upload content. Most importantly, it's so easy for everyone else to view my videos. I no longer host any video on my site.... No more worrying about bandwidth, and no more worrying about format. It's amazing that was only four years ago.

As of today, I have 81 videos uploaded with 2,200+ subscribers, and a combined viewing of over 3.6 MILLION! That is just nuts. It's safe to say that my popularity on the Internet has largely been because of YouTube. Not only because YouTube has featured many of my videos, but the type of stuff that I make has to be seen in motion, and YouTube took the load off. I now just concentrate on creating videos.

I also find YouTube to be a valuable research tool. It's rare that I buy anything these days without doing a quick YouTube search. I've also learned a lot from the diy community on youtube, and for my real job ( character concept artist & animator in the video game industry), I use YouTube often for references in animal motion, inspiration from nature, and other artists and makers.

Recently, I've started using revenue sharing on YouTube. It's not a lot of money, but enough to pay for the hosting of my webpage. Yeah it sucks to have a little banner on the bottom of the video, but when you see it as something that help support content creators, it's a good thing. Don't forget that we are getting this amazing service all for FREE, and it's easy to click to turn off the banner anyway :)

I heart YouTube. Don't ever change.
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